Leveraging years of experience addressing legal issues arising from state and federal labor and employment laws, we offer experienced legal advice on a wide range of employment law issues, including:


If you have been denied employment, passed over for promotion, treated differently than your coworkers based on demographic information, such as sex, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, disability or veteran status, you may have a claim.



Harassment can take many forms, all of which infringe upon your rights as an employee. Sexual harassment is only one, albeit common, form of unlawful harassment. Workplace bullying and can make the workplace seem unsafe and threatening. If you believe you have become the victim of harassment, be sure to document your treatment and contact our office immediately.


Wage and hour disputes

If you have been denied rightful pay for hours worked, underpaid for your time, or misclassified as a salaried/exempt employee or independent contractor, you may have a claim for compensation.


Medical Leave

If you have been denied leave to care for yourself or a close relative (parents, spouse, or children), or if you were subject to adverse employment actions as a result of having taken or requested protected medical leave, your rights may have been violated.



If you have suffered adverse treatment or termination after filing a report on an illegal or immoral action taken by your employer, you may have a claim.


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